Teachers and Trainers requirement for Ed-Tech


Ed-tech is introducing a new concept like IT tools which create a more engaging as well as individualized learning experience. So there are some interesting technology like you are in home and you are taking virtually interactive session from home. And even robots that can take notes of your topic and record complete step by step lectures for students who are unable to come for any reason .So students can stay engaged through fun forms of learning pattern.

There are so much new technology like Machine Learning ,Artificial Intelligence and blockchain which are promoting digital things .IoT devices are being heavily used for their ability to create digital classrooms for kids, whether they’re physically in school .

Collaborative and peer-to-peer learning is most important things in this era so trainers must be innovative in their teaching style . Teachers have a crucial role in preparing students for the future according to demand so they must start with re-skilling their own teaching methodologies respective to their own fields.

Good command on technology

Online teachers and trainers we need who have good command on their domain fields to make synchronous use of demanding technologies as well as have a good grip on basic concepts.

More focus on soft skills

There are so many skills such as leadership quality, communication and collaboration which were very important in the classroom even more important in digital education.

Adept digital communication

Practical skills such as video conferencing apps such as Zoom app, Microsoft apps, and emails which communicate with learners are important for online teachers.

Have good EIQ :

EIQ means Emotional Intelligence Quotient. It is an new type skill set across industries but it have must for online teachers because it enables them to understand the student psyche, situation, their behaviour pattern , etc.

Skilled for adaptive learning

The pedagogy taught to students and professionals alike must change like such as increased use of gamification, videos, AI, and other technology will increase motivation.

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