Study with CBSE online book, Math becomes quite easy

Studying in pandemic time is quite difficult so there are some different method launch by the government like online study and introducing new learning apps which makes study very easy for students and CBSE board recently launched a book which name is ‘Mathematical Literacy: Practice Book For Students’ which is newly launched mathematical book.

For which class student can opt Mathematical Literacy Practice Book For Students?

The students who are studying in 8th standard ,9th standard and 10th standard can opt ‘Mathematical Literacy: Practice Book For Students’ for CBSE students and it is very beneficial and helpful for CBSE board students.

What are plus point of this ‘Mathematical Literacy: Practice Book For Students’ or new features in this particular book:

Good Visual information provide and all thigs explain very good manner as well as very good presentation like 2d or 3d view and sometimes imagine a visual figures Explanation with graphics and images.

Simple presentation are given so it provide clear concept and apply different application in different direction which will be good for understanding concept.

Using application of mathematics ,student can solve problems and Explain with real-life problems and different puzzle and quiz which strong their concept .

CBSE official told that our motive to promote 21st-century skills and knowledge such as puzzle thinking and problem solving quiz, the Central Board of Secondary Education is share Mathematical Literacy Practice Book for CBSE. This Work Book is designed for students of classes 7th – 10th to examine problems related to handle real-life situations which exist in real life and solve different brainstorming problems. So designing of this book is such type that students can study this book with minimum support of parents and teacher. So this book also promote self learning and self directed without using external support they can opt easily.

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