Scope of Machine Learning and future


Machine Learning is very vast technology and in coming days it will expand in different fields like medical field, finance sector , social media and new technology like face identification and voice recognition technology .Apart from that a very interesting field like online fraud detection and biometrics technique. Cyber security is also part where we will see huge implementation of Machine Learning. Actually cyber security is very secure as well as multi-layer protection. Machine learning is heavily depend on data so it is data dependent technology. Sector like marketing, machine learning can understand different pattern of data or different features of data and after covering all possible ways then evaluate it for results. Using this technology ,there are different field who are taking advantage of this technology like education sector , institutes, schools, and colleges can use predictive analytics(pre-prediction) to recognise features in students and guess their abilities.

Medical Field: Data analysis as well as predictive analytics maintaining data on the cloud. It is saving a lot of time as well as money. Robots can be used in hospitals to provide assistance.

Cybersecurity Hub:

ML can analyse patterns in the past and help to prevent same pattern attacks or hacking so it is helping security teams for preventing attacks. Apart from that it reduces a huge amount of time in different tasks.

Digital voice assistants:

Voice assistants are very high in demand, and this trend will be continue because it is very helpful for all age group people.

Education Sector: It is very useful in education sector like ML can analyse behaviour of every student and data and help for detecting which student will have difficulty in particular area and then teachers can focus on those students and help them in their weak areas or any academics problems. Most of the Universities can create new algorithm based on machine learning that will help every student to choose their careers or subjects in their colleges.

Job opportunities:

Most of the Data scientists, data analysts, machine learning trainer, researcher and business intelligence developers will do great work and will be in demand in upcoming future. So it is good job opportunity for students.