Academic flexibility to students of IIT Madras

Minister of Education of Government of India told Indian Institute of Technology Madras has best academic curricula in the world and offers academic relax even among the IITs. IIT Madras has the only Indian Institute to have been ranked first in overall India .There are large number of minor courses being offered by IIT Madras which is almost cover all department of various courses. There are few restriction on campus of IIT Madras otherwise students have the freedom to choose whatever they were previously studying. Out of the electives, students are free to choose about eight courses who are Free Electives from any of the 16 departments of IIT Madras . The students can choose pursuing courses as diverse topic such as ‘History of India,’ ‘Psychology’ and ‘Economics’ to ‘Artificial intelligence’ and ‘Machine Learning and ‘Mental ability puzzles or quiz’.

IITs selection process of courses of IIT Madras:

You can choose your courses in online mode by The detailed curriculum and syllabus for each program can be see on link which is given below:

IIT Madras told that I do not think any other IITs offers the Academic flexibility being provided to students by IIT Madras.

How to change course while in IIT

Speaking about ‘Branch Change’ option at the end of a semester being dispensed with from this academic year, Prof. Jagadeesh Kumar said, “This is not an impediment. IIT Madras admits about 1,300 students and only about 25 to 30 students get a branch change. So, the probability of a student getting a branch change is really small. On the other hand, a student in the fourth semester or fifth semester can upgrade to a large number of interdisciplinary programs, ranging from fields like nanotechnology, biomedical engineering, computational engineering, data science, energy system, robotics and Quantum Science.”

IIT to add specialised programmes

Approximately nearly 200 students have upgraded to such specializations, which is large numbers when compared with the branch change students. They can stay on their topic or they can choose different topic .

IIT Madras gives these options to students

IIT Madras and many prestigious foreign universities, most of them are in Europe, quite US and other countries. IIT Madras students have the academic relaxation to pursue their semester in any of these foreign universities so IIT Madras will transfer them to their curriculum in the Institute. The list of foreign universities with which IIT Madras has here –

IIT Madras provide if students decide that apart from their B.Tech., they want an MBA courses, they need to spend only one more year and they can get both their B.Tech. and MBA.

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