5 mistakes you should avoid while learning online


Due to Covid-19 on educational institutions led to a sudden spike in online training for March Month. Actually almost every state learn ability to learn through online classes anywhere(any place) and anytime(no time constrain) is allowing learners to study from their homes while maintaining social distance with each other. Adapting in an online environment has been a new experience a lot of students, introducing various advantages and challenges and some problem of not clearing their doubt for particular student.

There are some positive point of online classes like children are becoming technologically strong and aware importance of online mode without wasting time on vehicles so parents can save time as well as money. While on the opposite side, they always have to problems related to manage time, build ownership or leadership, how to become organized, and self-disciplined learners through online studying mode.

Till now final decision regarding to the opening of schools and colleges has not yet been announced clearly so there are so much students who continue to online training to skill up.

1. There is not exact information right tutor and join without checking quality of teacher as well as study material and waste money and time Lack of research before enrolling.
2. Most of the student watched only video and that time they Not making notes and due to this they have to watch video again so that’s why they take more time to cover syllabus.

3. Hesitating in asking questions -In online classes ,many students did not ask their doubt in class due to they hesitate to ask in front of other students as well as teacher and many students who shy in nature and does not feel comfortable.

4. Less focus on assignments and projects :They have not much focus on practical work and most of student complete their theoretical behind this ,there are some reason like students did not feel competition in online mode as well as there are not strict action in online classes .

5.Students did not take dedicated breaks hours between their study.

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